Vigas Boilers

ViGAS Boilers

History of Vigas Boilers

VIGAS Boilers was established by Mr. Pavel Vigas in 1993 as a family business in his home country of Slovakia.  Today, VIGAS Boilers has become an international business with European and US distributors and consumers.

Find out more about Vigas’s commitment to quality control & craftsmanship as well as additional information about how the boilers work, below.

Quality Control & Craftsmanship

Unlike most mass-produced boilers currently on the market, VIGAS boilers are still made the old-fashioned way: one-by-one by individual craftsmen.  By assigning the craftsman’s individual seal to each boiler he produces, VIGAS creates a quality control process that is traceable from start to finish.  This ensures that consumers receive high quality boilers that safely withstand the rigors of their intended use over prolonged periods of time.

About Our Boilers

VIGAS Premium Boilers are available in five sizes, offering consumers that ability to choose a size that fits their specific needs for their home, shop, or other facilities.

In addition, each boiler meets EU Emissions Standards (notably more stringent than US EPA Emissions Standards), allowing users to minimize their carbon footprint and contribute to their green lifestyle efforts.  Traditional black, smoke-bellowing, mass-produced boilers just can’t compete with it!

How They Work: Gasification

VIGAS boilers take advantage of gasification and downdraft technology, using high quality Lamda Controls to maximize the efficiency of the wood burning process.  In addition, by integrated water storage, the boiler releases heat only when needed and stores heat for later access.  This ensures that boiler doesn’t waste wood the way a non-storage boiler system does and that VIGAS boiler owners have about 24-28 hours of heat long after the old-fashioned, big, outdoor furnace/boilers have burned out or have had to been refilled several times during the day.

The VIGAS Advantage

  • Handcrafted
  • Energy efficient
  • Quality assurance
  • Offered in five sizes to easily meet your needs

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